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Staying Connected in Rural Iowa

Can I get Decent Rural Internet?

When some people dream of owning their own ranch, or of leaving the city and the hustle and bustle that goes along with it. They sometimes fail to consider that we live in the age of Internet. Many are wary that moving out to the country will leave them disconnected from the world.

Internet has really become a necessary part of our lives, not just to keep updated through social networks or communicating with friends and family from far away through Skype or chatting. Beyond that, more and more people actually do rely on the Internet to work: either to keep in touch with clients through e-Mail or those who really work online, either as teachers or as virtual workers.

Those with teenage children will especially find it difficult as those in the younger generations have grown up in the age of Internet, and simply cannot imagine life without a good connection. However, there is really no need to worry, as options for those living in rural areas without any cable or fiber optic connection do not suffer from lack of options.

While those who live in the cities are used to having easy access to TV, cable and Internet connections due to the expanded network of phone, cable and fiber optic technology that has been for decades prepared and laid down. However, such existing technology is almost non-existent outside of the cities.

With the development of wireless connection options like LTE through mobile networks, the need to lay down expensive wiring is gone. In fact, most phone networks have expanded their cell services in rural cities, and where there is mobile phone signal, there is also access to Internet. LTE, in fact, offers high-speed access and with unlimited plans, offer residents a good and easy connection to the user.

Another popular option is through Satellite service, which is again easier as users can install equipment in their homes and voila, Internet connection is available. Most rural cities have providers that offer them services. The best satellite option is dish interent, or dishnet. It's a high speed, or broadband connection that will definitely keep you in the loop. Get more info here

For those who are not living as remote, though, can also band with their neighbors and invest in having some cables installed in their area. Most cable providers provide options to do so, and though the investment in the wiring might seem a lot, divided between 2 or more neighbors bring the cost down. At the same time, residents can also benefit from lesser monthly fees compared to LTE and Satellite.

The idea of living away from the city and live disconnected is not anymore the stereotype, as younger couples and families wanting more space decide to invest in the countryside. With the increasing and improving Internet connection options available to rural settlers, the choice to leave the cities might not anymore be so difficult to make.